Broken flip key repair

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I can save your broken flip key

A broken flip key is something I see a lot of. It is not the most urgent of jobs for many customers, especially if they have a working spare key. Sometimes the blade is long enough to still manage to turn the ignition and they defer getting it sorted, afraid of the expense. It is actually very straightforward to do and much easier (and therefore cheaper) than coding a new key or decoding a lock.

However if a loose blade is lost, gets jammed in an ignition or you lose the case and don’t have a spare then it becomes a little more complicated. Of course, Murphy’s Law states these types of things tend to happen at the most inopportune moments and warrant an emergency call out. If you have a broken flip key I definitely recommend having it repaired quickly.

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Key case unassembled

First the key case must be carefully taken apart and the transponder removed. This can be migrated to a new case then a new blade cut on the key machine.

Cutting the new blade

Once the transponder has been placed in the new remote case, a key blade will be cut. I can do this by copying the cuts on your existing blade, if you still have it, or your spare. If you don't have either of these I can decode your locks and find the key cuts from that.

Why do they break?

The pin securing the blade to the pivot is the weakest point. Repeated flipping and un-flipping of the blade through general use weakens it over time. Eventually the blade will come away.

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