"Hero locksmith"

I was on my last day of my holiday , car packed kids in the car ready to go home, then the sinking feeling happened… where is my car key? Turning the cottage we were staying in upside down to retracing some walks we had done the night before I decided it was lost. I began to ring local locksmith’s. I had a few quotes and some unusual replies to what time they could get to my location etc. … Then I rang SP he was calm, understanding and polite. I new instantly I trusted him. He was honest with his timing he could get to me and his pricing was extremely fair (cheaper than any other I rang). He arrived earlier than he said (brilliant). He began to start picking my lock and was successful shortly after. When trying to get the code for the car to match the key my car went into anti theft mode (very common) SP remained calm and managed to break the code successfully. Cracking bloke and he saved what was a disaster of a day to a success. Would highly recommend this life saver!! Thank you SP!!!

Ben Mulroy