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SP Lock and Safe offer a wide range of mobile auto locksmithing services. I can come to your vehicle at home, work or the roadside to get you back on the road as quickly as possible. My rates are highly competitive and in the vast majority of cases, much cheaper than dealership prices!

  • lost keys

  • stolen keys

  • broken keys
  • keys locked in car
  • remote not working
  • door lock damaged

  • key won’t turn
  • ignition faults
  • spare keys

Broken keys

Are you muddling along with broken keys?

Perhaps the blade has come away from the remote casing, the remote buttons don’t work anymore or the case is cracked.

It is always best to sort broken keys sooner rather than later. Before long they will fail completely or you’ll lose a part. Usually this happens at the worst possible moment resulting in an emergency call out.

Repairs to keys are always cheaper than replacing a key, especially if I have an original to work with.

Lost or stolen keys

Have you misplaced your car keys, or worse, had them stolen? Don’t worry. I can help.

From a spare key I can “clone” or copy its transponder chip and cut a new blade.

If you don’t have a spare I have a can use my equipment to read from the car’s onboard computer and decode the manual door and/or ignition locks.

Finally, for your security, I will erase the missing keys from the car’s memory so they can’t be used to gain access to your vehicle anymore.

Keys locked in

We’ve all be in a situation where we are not fully concentrating and mistakes are made.

Perhaps the kids are fighting, you’re running late or have a lot on your mind. I get a large amount of calls to keys locked in vehicles.

Thankfully it’s a relatively easy fix.

I can either pick open one of the door locks or decode the lock and make a temporary key to get you back in to retrieve your keys.

Give me a call for a free, no obligation quotation.

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